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Dental Services
Dr. Miller during a dental checkup with a patient at Raintree Dental

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At Raintree Dental, providing compassionate, patient-centered care is at the root of everything we do. With a commitment to help you achieve your brightest and healthiest smile, we also want you to feel confident and at home every step of the way.

We provide preventative, restorative, and cosmetic services using modern techniques and technology.

Preventative Dental Services

Teeth Cleanings

During a routine teeth cleaning, we’ll remove plaque and tartar buildup, check for cavities,
perform an oral cancer screening, and help you develop better oral hygiene habits at home for better, longer-lasting results.

Deep Cleanings

We perform scaling and root planing, often referred to as deep cleanings, to remove heavy plaque buildup, dental calculus, and to treat periodontal disease. Our goal is to treat the source of the problem by removing all sources of infection, and show you how to prevent gum and bone disease in the future.

Cosmetic Dental Services

Teeth Whitening

Our teeth change color as the result of aging and years of consuming foods and drinks that stain teeth, such as coffee, wine, and tea. Our teeth whitening services can restore the natural sparkle of your teeth and remove stains, yellowness, and discoloration.

Clear Orthodontic Aligners

With clear orthodontic aligners, you can achieve a straighter and more uniform smile without the need for clunky, metal braces. Our dentist will work closely with you throughout the course of treatment to adjust your aligners and help you make fast progress towards your dream smile!

Restorative Services


We use the latest digital technology to check in between teeth for cavities. During cavity fillings, we’ll do everything we can to make you feel relaxed and comfortable throughout treatment. Our goal is to restore the natural shape and color of your tooth after it’s been treated for a cavity.


Using the Cerec PrimeScan and PrimeMill, we can take digital impressions, design your tooth on a computer, and mill ceramic restorations in one visit – no more mouthful of impression material or temporary crowns that break. In most cases, no second appointment is required. Crowns are indicated based on the size of filling in the tooth or the presence of cracks.

Root Canals

If you’re suffering from pain, as a result of severe tooth decay, trauma, or infection, a root canal may be a necessary form of treatment. During root canal treatment, we’ll remove the infected inner layer of the tooth, known as the pulp. We’ll then remove all infected tissue, clean the area, and seal off your tooth with a dental crown.

Tooth Extractions

Whether you need a tooth extracted because it’s infected or damaged, we’ll make you feel comfortable and at ease. After performing the extraction, we’ll work closely with you to explore your restorative treatment options and develop the best and most affordable plan.

Missing Teeth

Teeth are important for many reasons. Aside from the obvious cosmetic benefits, teeth help you digest your food and serve to protect the other teeth in your mouth. If you’re missing teeth, we offer multiple treatment options for replacement and would be happy to discuss the benefits of each in an effort to find the best option for you.

“Fixed” replacements are teeth that stay in your mouth at all times. These are often considered the best option in the sense that they work just like your natural tooth. Dentures, whether complete or partial, are a “removable” option typically used when there are many missing teeth.

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